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Oct 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
the states and the national government. and because i know terry mcauliffe and his family very well. i plead guilty. i love him. >> all right, so that was former president bill clinton speaking in virginia, stumping for his friend and hopeful virginia governor, terry mcauliffe. clinton kicked off this four-day, nine-city tour around the state on sunday. and with just eight days before election day, the latest polls show mcauliffe several points ahead of the republican attorney general ken cuccinelli. so why bring the big guns in at this point? well, to rally the base and make sure democratic precincts show up on election day. joining me now is politico's alex isenstadt. an article in politico today really dives deep into this talking about the turnout of black voters. he doesn't need to match obama's performance but the dropoff cannot be too steep. we saw the president there hammering that point home repeatedly today. i want to play another portion of what the president had to say. take a look. >> the real reason you're here is that the single redeeming virtue of political extremism is peopl
Nov 1, 2013 2:00pm PDT
race. on sunday, president obama will join democratic candidate terry mcauliffe for a rally in arlington, virginia. as we head into the final stretch, the polls find mcauliffe ahead of republican challenger, ken cuccinelli. roanoke college finds mcauliffe with as much of a 15-point lead but quinnipiac poll has him leading by four points. in an e-mail sent to supporters thursday, mcauliffe made it very clear, don't get comfortable and don't sit this one out. mcauliffe wrote to his supporters, in off year elections like this when tea party voters turn out more reliably than democrats. for 45 years, the political party that controls the white house has lost our governor's race the next year. in 2009, fewer than 40% of virginia voters cast a ballot for governor, despite the fact that nearly 70% voted in the presidential election the year before. there's a lot at stake in the state of virginia, no question about it. ken cuccinelli has spent his entire career as an elected official, trying to roll back any progress on women's reproductive rights. cuccinelli's running mate for lieu
Oct 29, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. terry mcauliffe leads ken cuccinelli by 12 points. his largest margin in the poll yet. and when mcauliffe supporters asked what motivates their vote, as i said, nearly two-thirds, 64%, say it's the chance to vote against the republican cuccinelli. by just not being the extreme right winger, the democrat gets the bulk of the votes. this matches, by the way, almost the 65% of virginia voters who have now said they have an unfavorable opinion of the republican party nationally suggesting the force driving this election of virginia next tuesday is the negative voter feeling about the republican party nationally. gene, this is stark stuff. i know we live in washington. i know virginia's to our south across the potomac. but this is the canary in the mine that just died for the republican party. >> well, i think it did. if you look at virginia, it's a purple state. it was red, it's become more blue. it's gone for obama a couple of times. but it's very close. it's a changing state. growing hispanic population. it's like the country in some sense. >> the numbers are almost exactly the same
Oct 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
talk politics, virginia governor. bill clinton was out campaigning for terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli, his opponent, republican opponent bringing in rand paul. this is a special relationship. this goes beyond politic, bill and terry on the road again. >> the ultimate buddy movie. they have been paling around for years while he was in the white house, after the white house. i see them all sorts of different places. when the president wakes up in the middle of the night and wants somebody to play cards with or wants somebody to chat with on the phone or read drafts of his autobiography to, that was terry mcauliffe. for those of us who have covered him for many, many years, the thought of him being governor is an amazing new chapter in this buddy movie. >> i also wanted to ask about dick cheney because chris cillizza, dick cheney has been doing interviews, of course, about his new book, "heart." asked about the man running against liz cheney and this is what he had to say. >> mike and i also said we're fishing buddies, which is not true. never happened. the fact of the matter
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Oct 28, 2013 4:00pm PDT
fair, balanced and unafraid. again, terry mcauliff please come on. greta goes "on the record" right now. filibuster ♪ ♪ >>> this is a fox news alert. it is official. the obama administration just announcing it is granting a six week extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> secretary sebelius and her comments, she is already the laughing stock of america. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those technical problems. for example, have you tried restarting your co
Oct 30, 2013 10:00am PDT
in a gubernatorial year. >> briefly, do you think terry mcauliffe wins? >> i do. i think we have a chance to sweep the three state-wide races for the first time since 1989. if we do that, andrea, what will happen is the three statewides and the two u.s. senators will be democrats for the first time since 1969. that is because of the changing nature of virginia's demographics and also the rejection of the sort of no compromise, pro-shutdown republican strategy, and the republican party fits into that wing of the party. we have a lot of work to do in the next week. >> tim kain, former governor, current senator, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> stay with us. congressman peter king joining me next. more on the spy controversy. we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] not all toral-b pro-health toothbrushes have cris
Nov 1, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >> oh, yeah. if as we expect terry mcauliffe gets elected governor of virginia, we'll break that trend where usually a member of the party that doesn't hold the white house gets elected. >> all the way back to '72. an unbelievable trend. >> so democrats will take heart from this but they know they can't read too much into this when in the midst of the polls, nbc/wall street journal poll being the most recent that shows they have got problems of their own. so i think these off-year elections, you know, we have to take with a grain of salt. >> they do. i think it's interesting the messaging christie is trying to do out of this. it's clear he wants to -- he is trying to almost refine his brand. he already had this brand, but he wants to use this re-election to refine it. >> absolutely. i think the new jersey race is probably the most interesting of the three that we've got coming up this week just because chris christie is such a phenom. it will be interesting to see how big his coat tails are. we suspect he's going to get re-elected. >> did they actually get other republicans elected. th
Nov 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
sector development. >>> virginia's democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe has brought out all the rock stars. hillary clinton was out his behalf two weeks ago. the following weekend, bill clinton. tomorrow joe biden, and today the president hit the trail. >> i hope you guys are fired up on tuesday because we cannot have people staying home when so much is at stake. i hope you're ready to fight for terry because he's ready to fight for you for the next four years. >> republican candidate ken cuccinelli meanwhile has rnc chair and wisconsin governor scott walker with his yesterday. politico this week noted, quote, the striking contrast in surrogates in the home stretch of the virginia governor's race is another reminder of the gop's larger leadership vacuum and the civil war for the soul of a party still reeling from last year's thrashing. simply put, the party lacks a single unifying figure who appeals to every wing of the party let alone matches the star power of the clinton/obama tandem. joining me now is former congressman tom davis. thanks for being with us. does the gop re
Nov 3, 2013 5:00am PST
was elected in 2012, how terry mcauliffe will probably be elected on tuesday and what put the republicans in a hole in california as well. hispanic problem is a problem for california, republicans. the women vote is just as crucial. 53%. pete wilson was a pro choice republican, conservatives didn't care about it, but they accepted his other viewpoints, took him along as a candidate. 1998, ran a very pro-life candidate who made abortion the centerpiece of his campaign and guess what, he lost by 20 points, a million women walked away from the republican party. we got some of them back with arnold schwarzenegger. he got a majority of the women's vote when he ran for re-election in 2006. but they walked away. hispaniced walks away. the millennials. what you're seeing here with hispanics and millennials being the fastest growing in the population, the question is what happens to the future of the republican party and it is pretty simple. darwinism, adapt or die. >> we have seen that in the house. in one of the broader house immigration bills, two republican house members from california are am
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)